Eureka! SXSW Interactive provides a proverbial map for app developers to launch their latest

March 18, 2011


It seems app developers big and small would rather hitchhike and sleep in a tent rather than miss the opportunity to debut their app at the interactive portion of the South by Southwest conference (SXSWi), which finished up last week. Why do you think that is?

My guess is it's because SXSWi is the hottest place to launch your brainchild. The conference combines music, film, and "emerging technologies" to young professionals. The festivities show that, in a certain sense, their lives truly focus on what's in their mobile device, and not the other way around. (And let's not kid ourselves; it's most likely an iPhone 4, right?) Everything they need to know or understand is in palm of their hand, literally.

These kids know how to play; their devices have the music they jam to, Angry Birds for the train ride home, their work and personal email, their texts and photos from their night of barhopping last week, and let us not forget, Foursquare to show where they are right now: the coolest conference on the planet.

That all said, it shouldn't be a surprise that entrepreneurs presented a bunch of new, social, Foursquare-esque apps. These visionaries hope to enrich the lives of the next generation of marketing professionals while they enjoy the music, movies, and general tech-mayhem of the event. My favorite is Beluga because of its amazing map view, the ability to see where your friends are all at once, and best of all, group messaging. Now you can create your cliques in the palm of your hand while you enjoy the big event together. In fact, the word "click" takes on a whole new meaning, does it not?

Did you attend SXSWi? What new apps have you heard of or seen that you think will change the social media landscape? 

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