Three Easy Ways to Motivate Your Team

May 26, 2011

We think that being a leader means energizing and motivating our team, yet more managers get it wrong than right.  No doubt that a motivated and energized workforce translates directly into a better bottom line. As a result most managers want to keep their people motivated. The problem is that most managers don't know where to begin.

In a new book TOO MANY BOSSES, TWO FEW LEADERS by Rajeev Pershawaria, he describes how managers can motivate people by appealing to the three things that really matter to them.  In this book we learn that as managers we are poor at motivating people because it is complex and there is way too much information on this topic.

Another factor is that today's managers generally tend to be player-coaches, meaning that they have individual production responsibilities in addition to their managerial roles. Who has the time for all the "people issues"? If only there were a simple way of thinking about it.

Surprisingly most people are motivated by the same three things - the nature of their Role, their work Environment, and their professional Development.

In our experience the development phase gets too little attention - ANA has set out to make this an easy fix - as an ANA member company your organization has a half-day workshop credit that you can use towards an onsite no-cost workshop or as a credit towards a day or two-day program.  Every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern time, ANA broadcasts a marketing webinar - this too is a no-cost benefit for members.

Motivation doesn't need to be as complex as it seems to be - let us be of service as you begin to develop your developmental strategy.










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