Video: Danielle Vona, SONIC, Discusses Cause-Related Marketing

May 18, 2011

By Grace Bello

From our 2011 ANA Brand Conference presented by The New York Times, hear Danielle Vona, VP and Chief Marketing Officer of SONIC, chat about her brand's cause marketing campaign.

SONIC works with the nonprofit Donors Choose, an organization which allows consumers to microfund school projects that teachers could not otherwise afford to implement. By partnering with Donors Choose, the nationwide fast food chain creates affiliations not just with local consumers but specifically with parents, students, teachers, and the greater community. According to SONIC's Limeades for Learning site, "$1.3 million has been donated to help teachers and students across the country." Vona says, "Our cause marketing is all about being connected to our consumers in a very personal way. . . . The opportunity is about getting personal and getting local, and we do that through teachers and schools" via the program.

"Teachers are promoting their own projects [as they promote Limeades for Learning]. . . . It ends up being promoted by the people who are looking for their initiatives to get [funding]." That is, local customers actively engage in promoting SONIC for the betterment of their schools and their children's educational experience. And what better motivator to choose the SONIC brand than your children's future?

How about you, readers? How do you involve your customers in your branding campaigns, and what do you think of cause marketing efforts such as SONIC's?

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