The Hershey Company continues their charitable legacy through CocoaLink program

June 7, 2011

By Marni Gordon, SVP of committees and conferences, ANA

During Memorial Day weekend, my family and I had a great time at Hersheypark!  We really enjoyed getting splashed on the water rides at "The Boardwalk" and designing our own candy bars in Hershey's Chocolate World.  

We also took the famous Hershey's Chocolate Tour where visitors learn how chocolate is manufactured from cocoa bean to chocolate bar.  While eating the free chocolate distributed at the end of the tour, my daughter and I stopped to read brochures about all of the outstanding charitable work that The Hershey Company's founder, Milton S. Hershey, accomplished during his lifetime.  Milton S. Hershey's philanthropic achievements continue to live on today such as the Milton Hershey School which provides a free K-12 education and a home on a 9,000-acre campus to more than 1,200 underprivileged boys and girls.

The Hershey Company is also leading groundbreaking work in the mobile space through revolutionizing cocoa bean farming technology while helping farmers in Ghana.  The Hershey Company joined with the Ghana Cocoa Board and World Cocoa Foundation to create a program called CocoaLink to help farmers communicate and learn through mobile devices. CocoaLink will help as many as 100,000 farmers get free mobile access around critical issues such as agriculture, social programs and medical care. 

I am so excited to hear more about how The Hershey Company is using mobile technology to help others at our first-ever ANA Mobile Marketing Conference on September 14th!  Click here if you would like to read more.


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