Were you watching the NBA playoffs? Or following the chatter on Twitter?

June 15, 2011

By Cara Brooke Schultz

Nike got social media savvy during the NBA playoffs this year with a social media data visualization tool. Nike's Basketball webpage not only displayed a live twitter feed it also showed photos of Nike-sponsored players. How could you tell which player was being talked about most on Twitter? The app displayed larger photos of the players who were receiving the most tweets per hour. Dirk Nowitzki lead the Twitter chatter, receiving a remarkable 547 tweets per hour.  Nike also incorporated another social media aspect to the website; you could Facebook "like" your favorite Nike sneakers that were worn during the NBA playoffs.

Do you think the new way to enjoy a sports game is with your iPad in your lap, your flatscreen TV tuned to the game, and your smart phone in your hand? 

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