Get the Most Out Of Social Media For Your Business

June 22, 2011

By Grace Bello

Social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn allow businesses to target their ads to specific demographics in their favorite online spaces. However, are you making the most of your social media presence?

Here are some quick tips to boost your social media marketing impact, gleaned from our very own ANA School of Marketing seminar on social media metrics:

    1. Track the conversation about your brand
      For quick consumer insights, monitor what customers say on Twitter and Facebook about your brand. On Twitter, the "mentions" tab provides a list of consumer praise and complaints; most importantly, companies can see who may be on the fence about purchasing their products and respond to these users directly. Though consumers often don't convert based on a 140 character tweet, they may choose your brand over another if you "reply @" that specific person. This is simply the digital version of excellent customer service.


  1. Connect with influencers
    Celebrity Kim Kardashian may get paid up to $10,000 to endorse products on Twitter, but your brand could get just as much clout without the hefty price tag. Depending on your product, key influencers could include anyone from mommy bloggers to food editors. Tweet at them or tag them in a Facebook post with a targeted message as to why your product or service shines brightest. If a prominent social media user broadcasts a social media message that promotes your product, it could mean a windfall for your organization. Think of this as online PR--and, wonderfully, it's free.


  1. Build your audience, and listen to them
    In the ANA's social media metrics seminar, presenter Jim Sterne noted that the number of times Twitter users mention new movies directly correlates with how well the respective films fare at the box office. Therefore, it's not as important to blast out your own messages as it is to listen to the buzz that you do get. For instance, are your fans commenting on the price of your product? How about the design? Or in GAP's case, the logo? Chatter, whether good or bad, is a great research tool. Find out through social media what your customers are interested in and what your business should focus on.

For more information on using social media successfully, read up on our Social Media Metrics snapshot, attend our 2011 ANA Digital and Social Media Conference on 7/14 in New York, NY, and sign up for an onsite workshop on social media metrics through our ANA School of Marketing.

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