Industry Standard to Measure Twitter

June 20, 2011

By Bill Duggan

Like a lot of organizations, ANA (@ANAmarketers) uses Twitter to share news and opinion as well as encourage attendees at our events to do the same. While there are industry standards to measure the "traditional" PR activity of an event, I was surprised to learn that there is NOT an industry standard to measure Twitter activity. We heard that from ANA's PR agency, CooperKatz, as well as from the Council of Public Relations Firms.

For the short-term, ANA is looking at the number of people tweeting/retweeting and the number of followers for each. Then, we can "do the math" to estimate the number of people that are potentially being reached via those tweets and retweets. We also look at the respective tweets for positive and negative comments.

Curious - are there other suggestions to measure Twitter activity?

P.S. At ANA's Digital & Social Media Conference on July 14, 2011, we'll ask each of the speakers for their thoughts on this.

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