Branded Entertainment Needs Better Measurement

August 10, 2011

By Bill Duggan

ANA recently completely a member survey on branded entertainment. Branded entertainment (also referred to as product integration or branded content) integrates a brand with an entertainment property (i.e., TV program, movie, video game, music and more), usually for a fee, to create an association between the brand and property. Such an association usually integrates the brand into the entertainment content in a much deeper way than simple product placement.

In today's fragmented and cluttered marketing environment, branded entertainment can be a terrific way to make stronger emotional connections with the consumer. There are so many vehicles to do that – not only traditional commercial television but also via the internet, sporting events/venues, video games, music and much more.

We found that the overall incidence of branded entertainment is relatively unchanged since a prior survey – 66 percent in 2006 and 63 percent in 2011. However, those involved in branded entertainment appear to be making a bigger commitment. 

Most importantly, client-side marketers are not satisfied with the quality of research available to measure the impact of branded entertainment and little progress has been made with improving that research. This is indeed very troubling. And for those companies not engaged in branded entertainment, the lack of measurable results only ranks behind cost as the reason for not getting involved.

Clearly, media providers, agencies and the client community should take note of the large gap in ROI metrics and take steps to improve the measurement of branded entertainment. ANA members can access that full report here.


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