Mobile Marketing: What Are Marketers Doing?

August 31, 2011

By Cara Brooke Schultz

Mobile marketing is a relatively new space that marketers are getting involved in, and rightfully so — it's the best way to get your product into the hands of your consumers-literally via their mobile device which doesn't seem to leave their hands!

According to one of our recent surveys, about 90 percent of marketers currently use or plan to include mobile marketing as part of their overall mix. So what are companies and marketers doing in the mobile space? Westin Hotels & Resorts is embracing mobile technology by creating a mobile website, a mobile app for their Starwood Preferred Guests, and they've done mobile geo-targeted advertising with the "Warm Up Your Weather" campaign.

The Coca-Cola Company has publicly stated that mobile is the most important medium for the company going forward and they are currently using mobile advertising to engage with brand lovers. Coca-Cola has also stated (Gavin Mehrotra, Director of International Media) that SMS is the number one priority at Coca-Cola in the mobile realm, mobile web is number two, and smartphone apps are number three. According to Coca-Cola's theory-SMS reaches all customers, whatever mobile device they may have.

HP recently announced their exit from the tablet space; however that doesn't mean they aren't doing a ton of really cool stuff in mobile marketing. HP developed HP Connect for events (on mobile devices), which provides details of presentations, information about booths, connection to social networks, and QR scanners (used with the camera feature of mobile devices). All of the files received though HP Connect can be viewed using the mobile phone, or can be transferred to a computer. HP Connect is just one of the many cool mobile marketing concepts they are working on.

Want to find out what other marketers are doing in the mobile space? Want to network with your peers? Join us at the 2011 ANA Mobile Marketing Conference presented by MediaVest on September 14 in NYC to hear more from leading mobile experts from Westin Hotels & Resorts, American Express, MediaVest, The Coca-Cola Company, Walmart, HP, Comcast, eMarketer, The Hershey Company, and Sprint Nextel!

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