Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star After All….

October 23, 2011

By Jacqueline Touma, Microsoft Corporation,, Twitter @jacqueline008

Spotify, the darling of the U.K., has finally entered the North American online music scene. They are welcomed by iHeartRadio, Pandora, independent radio, and a cast of others all vying for this same space. So what do they add or bring?

Original audio content. Spotify, doesn't simply view as an online radio station. Spotify is about the socialization and sharing of music and audio content across platforms as a new way to listen to music. Millions of tracks, any time you like. Just search for it in Spotify, and then play it. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it. For Jon Mitchell, it's the way music should be - and he says many, many people agree.

His mantra is around getting loads of more people, listening more, discovering channels and socializing with friends - the experience is both solitary and community driven.Whether it's iTunes, Windows Zune, CDs - whatever your mode of music be, Spotify can help you listen how you want on your phone, Windows or Mac device. No need for large hard drives as Spotify streams it live. Then text it, tweet and share it.

What about musicians themselves? Are they better off having music distributed this way? Jon and Micheal discussed that many independent and label signed musicians benefit from alternative music distribution and publishing, adding to raising audience awareness and their profits.

Check it out for yourself, sign up, tune in and share it. Let us know what you think.

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