A Year-End Deal for You on that Car!

November 21, 2011

By Bill Duggan

On November 17 holiday decorations went up in the lobby of ANA's office building - a Christmas tree, a bunch of wreaths, and the Hanukkah menorah. 

And just a few days prior to that, I noticed the beginning of what's sure to be a barrage of television advertising from the automotive industry for year-end deals.  From the "Winter Event" to the "Holiday Event" and even the "December to Remember Sales Event."   It's only November and it feels like we're rushing the season.

In 2010 I counted eighteen (18) different automotive brands with year-end deals.  That's pretty much everybody! 

All this activity makes me wonder if such year-end sales can truly be effective.  Many of the ads seem to "bleed-into" one another with little or no differentiation from competitors.  Test - who runs the Winter Event and who has the Holiday Event? 

As we get deeper into the season, virtually every commercial pod is likely to have at least one automotive commercial and in many cases there will be multiple auto ads in the same pod.  In one instance during my viewing last year, there were four consecutive auto commercials.  Also, in a number of cases, the exact same commercial ran twice during a pod.  A lot of money will be spent in the process.

Of course, there will be some winners.   But this makes me think of the line, "zig while the others zag."  It seems like just about every automotive manufacturer is zagging.  Who will truly stand out by zigging?


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