Marketers Bullish on Set-top Box Data

February 8, 2012

By Bill Duggan

Marketers are optimistic on the future application of set-top box data to help guide television media purchasing decisions. That is one of the key findings in the latest ANA/Forrester Research survey that asked national advertisers about their attitudes toward television and video advertising and the impact new technologies will have on their advertising budgets.

Seventy-two percent of marketers believe the quality and accuracy of set-top box data will improve in the next few years. Meanwhile, 48 percent feel the same about Nielsen audience ratings.








The survey also asked, "What sources of data do you trust to make TV media purchasing decisions?" A 10-point scale was used ranging from "don't trust at all" (No. 1 on the scale) to "trust greatly" (No. 10 on the scale). Set-top box data held its own on this metric as well.

  • 31 percent were in the top three boxes for set-top box data being a trusted source
  • 38 percent were in the top three boxed for Nielsen Media Research being a trusted source

This is interesting given that Nielsen has been the long-term currency for the television industry. However, more recently advertisers and agencies have expressed keen interest in the data potentially available from set top boxes. ANA members, for example, have been clear about their interest in brand-specific commercial ratings-not just the average rating for all commercials in a program, currently provided by C3, but the actual ratings for each individual commercial. Set-top box data could potentially be a pathway to brand-specific commercial ratings.

David Cooperstein, VP, Practice Leader at Forrester Research and ANA's partner on this survey says, "This is a call to marketers and to Nielsen that modernization is on the way."

The detailed findings from the ANA/Forrester survey will be debuted at the ANA TV & Everything Video Forum on February 16 in NYC.

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