Everything is Brand

March 12, 2012

By Bill Duggan

One of my daughters is in her high school band. An annual fund raising activity for the band is the sale of citrus-those grapefruits and oranges are just delicious.

When our delivery arrived recently I found it curious that a box of oranges was labeled "California Navels" and included an outline of the state of Florida with the initials LBG. California oranges from Florida?

This reminds me, yet again, that every touch point a product has with the customer is a branding opportunity. Marketers need to use those touch points wisely or suffer the consequences. Branding is no longer just about an ad campaign; rather, it consists of so much more — the call center, counter staff at retail, service at restaurants, website, packaging, etc..

A quick web search provided lots of background on LBG. Langdon Barber Groves, is based in Florida, and "has been meeting the fundraising needs of all types of organizations since 1966. Our approach... is to provide a healthy alternative to the cavities and calories of other fundraising products."

Reading that told me something very special about the company and made me feel good about them. LBG has a great opportunity to make their packaging harder working — yes, a branding opportunity-rather than confuse me re: California oranges from Florida.





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