A Date with Direct Mail

April 6, 2012

By Caitlin Nitz, Knowledge & Research Specialist

I have never been to the opera, but this week I got three pieces of mail from the Met: a program for the 2012-2013 season, an appeal for donations, and a postcard announcing that individual tickets were now on sale for the Ring Cycle.

After a date cancelled on me for Saturday night, I was looking to stem my disappointment with some exciting plans. A brilliant idea struck me: I should get all dressed up and take myself on a date to the opera. The Met Opera postcard that had been sitting on my desk all week pertinently announced a 9pm show on Saturday night. I impulsively bought a ticket.

Direct mail has also gotten me to join a gym, subscribe to magazines, and spend way too much money at Bloomingdales. This time, however, I am very grateful for all that junk in my mailbox, as it saved my Saturday night and got me to try something different.

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Nell Harris

October 11, 2012 12:29am ET

I too have tried a new product or service and attended a worthwhile play and concert because of a Direct Mail piece I recevied in the past 30 dayss. Every knows that great food coupons can be found in the mail however there is so many more businesses that can take advantage of targeting their potential customers through Direct Mail and also an excellent way to retain customers.

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