More Commercials is NOT the Solution for a Decline in Ratings

September 21, 2012

By Bill Duggan

Viacom recently announced plans to increase the number of commercials run on some of its cable networks to offset loss of revenue due to a decline in ratings.  Really??

This is a short-term strategy and is clearly not sustainable over the longer haul or in the best interests of advertisers. With even more commercial minutes, consumers are likely to tune out, and off, even more.  Why would a viewer put up with as many as 16 minutes of commercials on Nick at Nite when DVDs, VOD, YouTube and other options are available with no or limited interruptions?

More commercials is NOT the solution to a decline in ratings as that will ultimately lead to an even greater acceleration to declining ratings and ad rates.  And then what’s the solution to that … even more commercials?

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