Creativity is King

December 6, 2012

By Bill Duggan

The ANA Creativity Conference took place in New York City on December 5 and this provides insights and highlights. 

  • Transition from functional to emotional benefits (Fisher-Price).
  • Agencies must take time to know and understand their client’s brand.  Clients must give proper time to allow the agency’s work to evolve (from Brown-Forman/Jack Daniel’s and agency partner Arnold).
  • Social media communication is about simplicity.  Employ the five second rule.  One needs to be able to understand a tweet, social interaction, etc. in five seconds or less, otherwise the message is too complicated (American Express).
  • Talk about brand purpose rather than product attributes.  For example, IBM’s purpose is to make the world work better. (from Ogilvy)
  • Consider partnerships to amplify your brand’s message.  The right partnerships can provide PR value and marketing strength (Pantone).
  • Whisper when others shout.  The first step towards behavior change is pattern interruption.  Go against the grain and do it well (Volkswagen and agency partner Deutsch).

Thanks to Ogilvy – an agency that provides a strong balance between creative excellence and effectiveness – for presenting the event.




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