Creativity at B-School

December 10, 2012

By Bill Duggan

It’s inspiring to hear that the MBA students at New York University now have an elective available on creativity.  The class, simply titled, “Creativity” is taught by Professor Kim Corfman.

I went to NYU for business school and taught there as well.  I remember the finance, accounting, and statistics classes.  I loved the marketing and advertising classes (I taught Advertising Management).  But a creativity course was never offered “back in the day.”

Success in business relies on the right balance between right and left brain thinking and it’s terrific that NYU has a portfolio of courses that provides that balance.  A full description of the Creativity class is below.

NYU Creativity Course Description

Successful business people approach their problems creatively and happy people live their lives as works of art. In this course we explore the many dimensions of creativity that are important in business and in our own lives. Creativity isn’t a mystical quality with which only a special few are endowed. Practical methods to become more flexible, imaginative, and productive thinkers can be learned by anyone, nurtured in others, and harnessed to create new products, uses, designs, theories, strategies, structures, and other solutions of all kinds. We will define creativity, review the science, and develop our own creative skill set by learning about, experiencing, and experimenting with a wide variety of approaches.




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