Rebates Have Become the Single Biggest Issue in Today’s Media Industry

December 21, 2012

By Bill Duggan

ANA has drawn a lot of attention to the issue of media rebates and incentives, begun with the release of our white paper “Media Rebates/Incentives Require Full Transparency.”Articles in the trade press followed, including the front cover of Advertising Age on September 19.  And consultants have been weighing in too.  One such consultant is Morten Pedersen, chairman of glue2020.  Morten was a guest speaker at an ANA committee meeting last week and his presentation was focused on rebates.  He said, “Rebates have become the single biggest issue in today’s media industry.”  Pretty strong words!  These rebates, according to Morten, can take various forms – cash, free space, commissions/fees for projects, and more.

So put a copy of the ANA white paper in your holiday stocking to be aware of this issue and suggested action steps.  Happy Holidays! 


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