There is No Better Channel for a Brand Than its Employees

April 22, 2013

By Bill Duggan

A recurring theme at ANA’s recent Brand Masters Conference was the critical role employees play in brand building. 

  • Seth Farbman, global chief marketing officer at Gap: “Employees matter! There is no better channel for a brand than its employees.”
  • John Marshall, senior partner, global director of strategy at Lippincott: “There has been an evolution from trust in institutions to trust in individuals. Brands are built via people connecting with people.”
  • Larry Light, chief brands officer at InterContinental Hotels: “Sharing is the new essential. The entire organization shares responsibility for building brands, not just the marketing department.”
  • Jamie DePeau, chief marketing officer at Lincoln Financial Group: “Employees are the most important element of your brand. Brand building is the domain of HR and not just sales and marketing.”
  • Cynthia Galbincea, executive director, marketing communications at Cleveland Clinic: “Employees here are called care givers and taught the importance of empathy to better under their customers.”

My colleague, Marni Gordon, has posted a blog on key takeaways from the conference.

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