Simulmedia: Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings Solution Provider

May 29, 2013

By Bill Duggan

The new ANA white paper, “Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings–Benefits and Solution Providers,” highlights solutions from eight companies for brand-specific commercial ratings. This blog provides a recap of Simulmedia’s offerings.

Simulmedia started with the idea of helping TV networks figure out when best to place their network promotions, before offering solutions for all advertisers that want to reach targeted television audiences. The company calls itself “an audience-driven ad network for television,” and sells television advertising campaigns.

Simulmedia is an “unwired network.” They access inventory via two sources: (1) locally through cable/satellite/telco operators and (2) nationally through relationships with 30+ cable networks. The Simulmedia Audience Network monetizes under-appreciated inventory from its television partners. The network is operated opaquely, meaning they don’t share spot level detail with advertisers until after the campaign, instead selling data-defined audiences rather than specific shows, networks, geographies, or time slots.

According to Simulmedia:

  • Commercial and brand-specific ratings are critical to understanding advertising efficacy and are avail­able today.
  • Advertisers can and should demand accountability and more granular measurements across their entire media plan, especially with their television spend.
  • More granular measurement/guarantees are essential to the long-term power and growth of television advertising.

Simulmedia customers include advertisers, agencies, and television content producers. The company is using commercial/brand-specific measurements to help its customers find, reach, and measure their TV ad campaigns. This level of granular measurement helps advertisers better analyze spend across all networks and maximize the impact of television campaigns across specific target audiences.

Case Study

Simulmedia has many broadcast and cable network clients, all of whom are using commercial ratings to help optimize their own programming promos. For a client in the tune-in space, Simulmedia worked with the TV network to understand which of their tune-in promotion spots drove the most conversions to the show, and when the campaign’s sweet spot was for conversions with respect to hours in advance of the show’s airtime. These types of analyses help advertisers get smarter about when to advertise, which ads drive viewers, and how they might optimize for future TV campaigns.

Previous blogs in this series have featured Rentrak, Kantar Media, and TRA.                        



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