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comScore: Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings Solution Provider

June 14, 2013

By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

The new ANA white paper, “Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings–Benefits and Solution Providers,” highlights solutions from eight companies for brand-specific commercial ratings. This blog provides a recap of comScore’s offerings.

comScore provides audience and advertising analytics to measure how consumers use digital and TV platforms, including PCs/laptops, smartphones, tablets, “smart TVs,” gaming devices, and of course traditional TV. comScore measures behaviors such as online buying, website visitation, search, and viewing. The company also provides digital analytics and a variety of services tailored to mobile subscribers. comScore believes that accountability is now a multi-platform issue as television becomes digital, and that greater comparability between “traditional” television and digital platforms is needed.

What comScore Does Related to Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings

At comScore, brand-specific advertising measurement is an important foundation for both television and multi-platform services. Both TV and digital advertising are measured on an impression-by-impression basis for each individual creative execution. validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) is a multi-platform solution for measuring campaign delivery across televi­sion and digital. The comScore methodology for digital advertising includes behavioral measurement from its two-million-person panel combined with census measure­ments via comScore Census Network. The comScore methodology for TV uses brand-specific measurement via five million television set-top box households.

Measurement is a key challenge when trying to understand how digital advertising and TV advertising work together. New methodologies such as comScore’s solutions are required to answer key questions:

Previous blogs in this series have featured INVIDI Technologies, PrecisionDemand, Simulmedia, Rentrak, Kantar Media, and TRA.

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