Nielsen: Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings Solution Provider

June 21, 2013

By Bill Duggan

The new ANA white paper, “Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings–Benefits and Solution Providers,” highlights solutions from eight companies for brand-specific commercial ratings. This blog provides a recap of Nielsen’s offerings.

Nielsen pioneered television audience measurement and analytics. In the U.S. today, the Nielsen ratings are the basis for assessing the audience from broadcast, syndication, and cable programming, and the currency by which the associated advertising is transacted for both national and local spots.

What Nielsen Does Related to Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings

Nielsen is pursuing various related and synergistic activities in evolving its audience measurement for advertising:

Nielsen Watermarks — audio code embedded in programming, inaudible to the human ear but discernible by Nielsen meters — is the foundation for Nielsen’s television measurement. Meters in Nielsen panelist homes pick up the watermarks, and this viewing information informs TV ratings. Nielsen has just added its next-generation Nielsen Watermarks to the crediting of its television program audience estimates. Nielsen Watermarks will survive more aggressive audio compression and internet transit, and enable deployment of additional levels of detail and measurement options in the future. Nielsen is also testing commercial watermarks internally, which will enable more granular levels of TV commercial-specific measurement. Additionally, Nielsen is developing methods to integrate set-top box data into its television measure­ment, starting with an initial set of local diary markets.

The Nielsen KeepingTrac commercial verification service measures national, local, and syndicated programming. Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings provide total, incremental, and overlapped reach and frequency of campaigns that run across both televi­sion and online. Metrics are delivered throughout the course of a campaign, enabling media buyers to understand the relative audience contributed by each medium.

KeepingTrac and Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings measurement require each TV spot included in the campaign to be watermarked. As such, these services will benefit from advances made to commercial watermarks in the form of greater measurement accuracy and stability at more granular levels.

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