Highlights from ANA Marketing to Millennials Members Only Conference

June 28, 2013

By Marni Gordon, SVP of committees and conferences, ANA

We held our first-ever ANA Members-Only Conference on Marketing to Millennials in California and had a great day! The event was hosted by Live Nation and held at House of Blues in Los Angeles. The day was filled with rich insights on the elusive millennial target and included sessions from Live Nation, Hyundai, Missouri Lottery, and Microsoft plus the latest trends on millennials from Jeff Fromm, author of Marketing to Millennials! Here are some key highlights from the event:

  • Live Nation: Kevin Chernett, Executive Vice President – Strategic Alliances stressed that music and social media are key passion points for millennials. According to Live Nation’s LiveAnalytics research, 83 percent of millennials can’t imagine their life without music and 90 percent of millennials who attend concerts are on Facebook. We also learned that Electronic Dance Music is the hottest trend among millennials where the ultimate experience is through live festivals such as Coachella.  Kevin also shared some top keys to success to connect with millennials which are:
    • Treat them like VIPs – surprise and delight where possible.
    • Embrace earned and owned media.
    • Take advantage of their social and mobile media habits.
    • Be authentic.
  • Hyundai: David Matathia, Director, Marketing Communications discussed how millennials demand authenticity in everything they do and are very marketing savvy. One of the key insights shared was that the old model had corporations driving conversations and building pop culture; however, millennials believe that individuals should define what’s hot and culturally relevant. Millennials also crave what’s real, desire having a point of view (whether popular or not) and have a greater sense of self than other generations. Therefore, the main lesson that Hyundai learned was to stop interrupting what millennials like and become what they like instead. Hyundai shared some of the successful efforts behind their Veloster launch, a new car targeted to millennials, which also hinged on music as a key passion point for this group.
  • Missouri Lottery: May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery discussed how their main target audience is older and dying so they needed to reach a younger audience. Missouri Lottery changed their messaging to highlight the fact that funds raised from lottery ticket sales are used to fund education, which is an important cause that millennials embrace. This effort resulted in the Missouri Lottery’s relevance scores increasing from 58 to 86 and over $1 billion in sales!
  • Microsoft: Meredith Brace, Global Media Director, Custom Media and Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft and her agency partner Brent Poer, President, LiquidThread North America at Starcom MediaVest Group shared three key millennial insights:
    • Digital is their first language: Marketers should speak digital like a true local, stay informed, and deeply connect on all screens.
    • There is no offline: Marketers should make content social, sharable, and at scale.  Deliver relevant information on a relevant device at a relevant time.
    • Millennials are superpowered and hypercharged: Smart brands will go beyond listening and open a true dialog.
  • Marketing to Millennials: Jeff Fromm, co-author of Marketing To Millennialsshared six rules to engage with millennials along with great case study examples from brands including JELL-O Pudding, Krispy Kreme, Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club. The six rules are:
    • Rule 1:  Engage early adopters of new technology.
    • Rule 2:  Build a listening and participation strategy.
    • Rule 3:  Make millennials look good in front of their peers.
    • Rule 4:  Design a sense of adventure and fun into your brand.
    • Rule 5:  Embrace distribution.
    • Rule 6:  Keep their loyalty.

Top fun facts and stats shared during the day:

  • Ten of the top twenty Facebook pages and eight of the top ten Twitter accounts belong to music artists.
  • Hyundai’s corporate blog is called “Hyundai like SUNDAY.”  
  • 38 percent of millennials can’t go for more than 10 minutes without checking their digital device and send 3,000+ texts per month!
  • Don Draper, lead character in the hit show Mad Men, is originally from St. Louis, Mo.
  • Millennials spend 20 hours online every day!

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