Aligning Success Metrics for Marketing Procurement and Marketing

July 3, 2013

By Bill Duggan

The new ANA white paper, “Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement,” focuses on procurement success metrics and is based on a quantitative survey with 113 marketing procurement professionals as well as select qualitative interviews.

One of the issues examined is the alignment between marketing procurement and marketing. We found that the success metrics for marketing procurement and marketing are not closely aligned in most organizations. However, alignment increases dramatically with marketing procurement maturity.  That is, the more mature the marketing procurement organization, the more likely there is strong alignment between procurement and marketing. Eighty-eight (88%) of respondents from mature procurement organizations (defined as being fifteen years or older) claim that the success metrics are “very closely aligned or moderately aligned” between marketing procurement and marketing.

What does this mean for procurement? Procurement needs to take strong initiative to more closely align the measures of its success with marketing colleagues. It is incumbent on procurement to initiate those conversations and build relationships that establish trust and credibility. Focusing on an integrated methodology for evaluating success against the company’s broader growth objectives is one of the best ways procurement can ensure sustainable relevance.

The new ANA white paper, “Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement,” is available at

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