Key Takeaways from Advertising Week Panel on Agency Selection Briefing Guidance

September 26, 2013

By Bill Duggan

Yesterday, ANA and 4A’s released the white paper, Agency Selection Briefing Guidance, and a panel during Advertising Week showcased the work. The panel was moderated by Rupal Parekh of Advertising Age, on stage at B.B. King, and featured two ANA members and two 4A’s members. Each panelist left us with a key takeaway.

Eve Reiter, American Express: Briefings really matter. Resources at both the client and agency are being engaged and clients should be prepared to take the time to give proper briefings.

Ed McFadden, Target: Clients will get out of briefings, what they put in. Poor briefings likely result in “garbage in, garbage out.”

Kristin Bloomquist, Cramer-Krasselt: Chemistry is critical. Ideally, a review isn't just done to find a new campaign, but rather to find a long-term partner and partnership.

Claudia Caplan, RP3: The guidance provides a roadmap for the right way to start a relationship. For small(er) agencies, it gives an objective "go to" when questions arise during the search process, particularly when dealing with less sophisticated, smaller or startup clients.

Thanks to Rupal for her moderation of the panel and her colleague, Alexandra Bruell, for her Ad Age article on the guidance.

Left to right: Rupal Parekh, Ed McFadden, Kristin Bloomquist, Claudia Caplan, Eve Reiter

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