Halloween Scare for the Marketing Industry: Measurement

October 31, 2013

By Bill Duggan

It’s Halloween. But it’s not witches, goblins, or vampires keeping the marketing industry up at night.  It’s measurement!

Today ANA and Nielsen release our report titled “Optimizing Integrated Multi-Screen Campaigns.” Integrated multi-screen campaigns are defined as campaigns that have the same set of marketing objectives and run during a similar timeframe across two or more screens, including TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone, and digital place-based media. A few key findings follow.

Integrated multi-screen campaigns are important today in effectively delivering a marketing message and that importance is expected to dramatically increase in three years.

  • Today, 48 percent of respondents rate integrated multi-screen campaigns as very important and 20 percent of media spend is attributed to such campaigns.
  • In three years, 88 percent of respondents expect integrated multi-screen campaigns to be very important and account for 50 percent of media spend.

There is a significant gap between how respondents currently measure the effectiveness/ROI of integrated multi-screen campaigns and how they would prefer to measure it.

  • Currently, the large majority (71 percent) use a variety of metrics specific to individual screens.
  • Meanwhile, there is overwhelming preference (73 percent) for using one set of metrics across all screens.

When asked to identify “the single biggest issue regarding multi-screen advertising that keeps you up at night”, measurement, by a wide margin, was the most common response. 

A key recommendation in our report is to establish an industry-wide initiative to drive multi-screen measurement. Industry trade associations — initially led by ANA, ARF, and MRC — would invite key senior leaders from across the advertising ecosystem to join to help foster standards and best practices for multi-screen campaign measurement and management. This would build on Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS), an industry-wide initiative to improve cross-platform comparability through improved digital metrics and standards, particularly focused on supporting brand advertising.

Measurement should not be so scary and we look forward to working with the marketing industry to help us all sleep a little better at night.

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