Tweets from ANA Multicultural Marketing Conference

November 11, 2013

By Bill Duggan

Our recent Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference was one of our most active from a social media perspective. Below are some conference highlights, each delivered in 140 characters or less. The complete Twitter stream can be found at #ANAMulti.

Sandra Gengler ‏@sandra_gengler 7 Nov
A "Total Market" strategy: where a #multicultural perspective is a necessity for marketers …

lindalanegonzal ‏@lindalanegonzal 6 Nov
“Lead with ethnic insights first!” Takeaway from ANA #Multicultural Day 1  via @portada_online #ANAMulti...

lizette williams ‏@LiZetteW1 6 Nov
You cannot think about growing the $2 billion Huggies business without leading with ethnic insights first #ANAMulti 

Fatma ‏@F_Kokon 5 Nov
"Embrace cultural complexity is what Total Market is" @LatinWorker #anamulti

Marco Lopez ‏@don_marquito 5 Nov
#totalmarket is a journey, until we get to a place where ethnic is not a need #anamulti says Sergio Alcocer @nydiajanet

Sue De Lopez ‏@suedelopez 5 Nov
Nice challenge for #brands "If we do total market right, the role of Multicultural #marketing should go away"~Strachan #ANAMulti #CMO

Victor Paredes ‏@paredes6699 5 Nov
Diageo charges you $5 every time someone says "general market" - #ANAMulti

Kristen Creager ‏@kristencreag 5 Nov
If you're not working for a company that is living & breathing diversity-- where are you working and why? #ANAMulti

madeline beniflah ‏@maddybeni 5 Nov
Best quote of the conference so far, "we are not MC marketers, we are all just marketers" #ANAMulti

Jeffrey Bowman ‏@jeffreylbowman 5 Nov
#ANAMulti @diageo_news Marc Strachan great Total Market Enterprise case study & transformation. Requires C-level commitment.

sean blankenship ‏@pairaces 5 Nov
Multicultural advertising means Millennials. As a brand, this is the gap to fill. #ANAMulti

Carlos Santiago ‏@Carlos_SSG 5 Nov
#ANAMulti: Coke, Walmart, GenMills agree #Millennials demand different lens w/ massive #Multicultural overlap & #totalMarket approach.

Alain Groenendaal ‏@AlainGro 5 Nov
Coke's Lauventria Robinson says it's total and (not or) targeting marketing @cocacola @Insidewing #anamulti

Sue De Lopez ‏@suedelopez 5 Nov
"@Walmart we focus on 2 macro trends: rise of multicultural market and growth in technology"~ T. Rogers #ANAMulti #marketing

Alma ‏@AlmaAgency 4 Nov
"Every 30sec a Latino turns 18; every 2 min a GM Consumer retires..." Roberto Orci @AHAA #ANAMulti ‏@portada_online 4 Nov
@PepsiCo's Carlos Saavedra: "Traditional multicultural marketing is not sustainable in the long term," #ANAMulti

Uriel Saenz official ‏@UrielSaenz 4 Nov
@dcastil: Amway projects 50% of their growth will come from Hispanic #ANAMulti

Bill Duggan ‏@BillDuggan 4 Nov
Total market strategy being done by all brands only for 35% of companies; a few for 54% & one test brand for 14% per @AHAA #ANAMulti

Missed yesterday's #ANAMulti AHAA Total Market Study presentation? View it here:  (and on Slideshare).

Chiqui Cartagena ‏@ChiquiCartagena 14 Nov 11
In case you missed it, my blog from Ad Age on #ANAmulti ...ANA Speakers Push Multicultural Marketing as Key to Growth

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