At Artist’s Request – No Social Media!

November 25, 2013

By Bill Duggan

Over the past month I have been to two concerts that prohibited cell phone photography. The notice here was posted on the doors of one of the venues. At another venue, an usher told me to put away the cell phone that I was using to record a song. C’mon … it’s 2013!!

It’s quite frankly antiquated thinking to request customers to “put away your cell phone.” Cell phone usage leads to sharing videos and pics which then stimulate conversations. The experience and good will of a concert can be amplified to many, well beyond just those in attendance. The branding of the artist can be extended. And they can sell more stuff – concert tickets, music, etc.

Artists – and consumer brands – need to encourage conversation. We are living in the era of real-time marketing, where consumers not only want to share their experiences in real time but also expect brands to reciprocate.

In today’s always-on digital world, brands need to be ready to not only connect with consumers at any time or place, but also readjust their campaigns based on real-time data. According to one survey, the use of real-time marketing techniques increases positive perceptions of a brand; interest in a product; the likelihood to seriously consider, choose, or try a product or brand; and the likelihood a consumer will recommend the brand to others.

I can guarantee you that there won’t be a sign on the door of the ANA Real-Time Media Conference (12/4 in NYC) prohibiting cell phone photography or any type of social media!

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