Cheap, Fast, and Good?

December 9, 2013

By Jesse Feldman, senior manager of content strategy and partnerships

Cheap, fast, or good. One message I heard repeated during the ANA’s Real-Time Marketing Conference (held on December 4) was that with social media and real-time content, brands are no longer tied to the idea that “2 outta 3 ain’t bad.” Active listening to social trends and organically inserting your brand into the conversation were other recurring key takeaways from speakers. Several speakers highlighted Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout creative as a prime example of responding to an event with creative, real-time content. But this past week, another food brand out there scored an internet win:

DiGiorno Pizza found its way into the pop culture zeitgeist by adding its voice to Twittersphere during NBC’s live production of The Sound of Music. The brand’s live tweets managed to both engage with relevant commentary and integrate pizza in a lighthearted way. Adweek was just one of many PR hits that praised the brand’s snappy tweets. And the praise is well-deserved: DiGiorno managed to get people talking about (and probably hungry for) pizza during a World War II musical!

Many marketers during our conference stressed the importance of not being afraid to fail during real-time efforts. But the pressure is on for companies to learn best practices and guidelines. As Patrick McLean, Vice President of Digital Brand Strategy at Capital One, noted during his Q&A session at the ANA Real-Time Marketing Pre-Conference, “No one wants to be the bad social media news story.”

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