The Connected Home at CES

January 10, 2014

By Bill Duggan

There was lots of buzz at CES about “the connected home” and I was fortunate to moderate a panel at the Scripps Pavilion on the topic. 

What do we mean by connected home? One definition is: individual, smart devices that are useful products on their own merits that can talk with one another for specific uses and are able to be connected with even when the consumer is away from the home.

Connected home technology is becoming more common in the household as consumers look for ways to better control and streamline their lives. Examples of such technology abound in home security and energy automation: smart deadbolt locks, smartphone-controlled LED bulbs, thermostat controls, and video monitoring services for the home.

According to research from Scripps and others, consumers are looking for various benefits in their connected home products: comfort, safety, efficiency, simplicity, and design quality.

It is important to note that the mobile phone is the device that controls the connected home. The mobile phone has become the remote control for the connected home.

In walking the floor at CES the connected home was everywhere: LG’s Connected Home, Samsung’s Smart Home, and Cisco’s The Connected Life at Home. I left Las Vegas with a head full of ideas to upgrade and better “connect” my own home!

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