CES Highlights

January 13, 2014

By Bill Duggan

I attended CES last week and it was their largest show in history. More than 3,200 exhibitors. Attendance of more than 150,000, including an estimated 10,000 marketing and advertising execs. Some highlights and points of interest follow.

4K Television
All the major manufacturers displayed 4K televisions – 4K has four times the resolution of current HD TVs. 4K is in its early days as there are business economics and technical delivery issues that need to be solved and a big hurdle will be producing content in a cost effective way. Advertisers need to take notice as 4K could also change the way ads are produced.

Curved TVs and Phones
Curved TVs were popular, promising a “more immersive” and “more cinematic” viewing experience. LG and Samsung even have curved phones. Whether such products have real benefit or are hype remains to be seen.

Wearable Technology
Many of the products with wearable technology have a focus on health and fitness. Others merge fashion with consumer electronics. Some of the more interesting examples:

  • Intel displayed an internet-connected baby onesie. It’s kind of a baby monitor with sensors allowing it to track the baby’s body position, activity level and skin temperature.
  • Tractive Petbit monitors the daily activity of a pet and tells its owner whether or not their pet needs to be more active.
  • Netatmo tracks the amount of time the wearer spends in the sun, calling itself a “personalized sun protection coach.”

There were also smart watches, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and wearable cameras.

Connected Homes & Connected Cars
Connected home technology is becoming more common in the household as consumers look for ways to better control and streamline their lives. There was the Cisco Connected Home, the Samsung Smart Home as well as many others. It is important to note that the mobile phone has become the remote control for the connected home.

There were many automotive companies at CES with their connected cars that have smartphone technology integrated into them. At the Ford booth a speaker stated, “Technology will differentiate Ford from the competition.”

CES is all about the connected life and is an experience that every marketer should have.

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