Beacons, Millennials, and a Free Lunch

March 19, 2014

By Jesse Feldman, senior manager of content strategy and partnerships

You’re missing out* if you’re not taking advantage of your ANA membership by attending committee meetings. But that’s why I’m with the MKC: to provide snapshot summaries of meeting events. And last month had some seriously excellent committee meetings:

At the Mobile Marketing Committee, presenters were all about beacons. Denée Carrington, senior analyst at Forrester Research, even declared “beacon” the first buzzword of 2014. Carrington also shared five things marketers should do right now to prepare for the digital wallet trend. Check out her presentation to learn more about what’s next for digital wallets, m-commerce, and omnichannel wallets. (And, yes, we did discuss Bitcoin in the Q&A.)

Also at the Mobile Marketing meeting, Gayle Meyers, founder and managing partner of Digital Media Review’s Industry Index, took a deep dive into the technologies powering the latest mobile advertising revolution: location intelligence. Can you guess what year half of all ad spend will be location-targeted? It’s sooner than I’d expected. (But you have to click to find out.) Meyers also shared five questions to ask to find out if the location data you’re buying is being pulled the right way. The presentation finished off with a quick roundup of new, innovative startups that marketers should pay close attention to now.

I also attended the most recent Multicultural Marketing and Diversity meeting, held at NBA HQ (where the clocks are shot clocks and the floors by the elevators look like courts!). Tru Pettigrew, founder and CEO of Tru Access, had the full house singing and laughing with an exercise on culturational chemistry. Pettigrew coined the term “culturational chemistry” after realizing the internal and external business benefits of cultural and generational inclusion. Looking for ways to bridge the generation and culture gap with millennials? This presentation offered five steps for both marketers and employers.

*Specifically, you’re missing out on knowledge-sharing, networking, great roundtables, and snacks.

Jesse Feldman works in the ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center (MKC), a rich suite of insights, case studies, presentations, and research. You might notice her taking notes for the MKC at committee meetings, members-only conferences, or (virtually) webinars. She’ll be popping onto the ANA blog to regularly highlight some latest and greatest MKC content.

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