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75 Percent of Office Workers Do This

July 29, 2014

By Jesse Feldman, senior manager of content strategy and partnerships

You’re probably one of the 75 percent of office workers who eats lunch at his or her desk. Let me explain how you can turn desktop dining into a continuing education experience:  ANA's complimentary Webinar Wednesday program runs virtually every Wednesday at 1pm ET.

Click here to view upcoming webinars.

Spend a lunch break improving your skills and preparing to impress in your next meeting. Missed a webinar of interest? No problem. You can also watch the video on-demand or read one of our recaps for an easy-to-follow, detailed synopsis of the webinar.

Here are some past webinars with written recaps (click “Event Recap” in the right column at the link) that will make great lunchtime companions:

I recently wrote about how the ANA’s Marketing2020 research indicated that on-the-job training is often not substantial enough to keep up with the fast-changing world of marketing. The Marketing2020 study found that companies with marketing capability training programs outperform their competitors. Unfortunately, not all companies are able to offer continuing education. But your skills don’t need to rely only on formal capability training; take continuing ed into your own hands today.

Jesse Feldman works in the ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center (MKC), a rich suite of insights, case studies, event recaps, and research. You might notice her taking notes for the MKC at committee meetings, members-only conferences, or (virtually) webinars. She’ll be popping onto the ANA blog to regularly highlight some latest and greatest MKC content.

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