A Matter of Trust

October 20, 2014

By Andrew Eitelbach

October Spotlight CoverWinning hearts and minds requires more than freebies and one-time prizes. A more effective way to build trust among consumers is through genuine interactions that create lasting impressions. Developing those interactions and effectively amplifying the results into a meaningful campaign can be the difference between pleasing one customer and establishing a legion of diehard brand advocates. While creating personable experiences on a mass scale is a difficult feat, more and more marketers are coming to the realization that it’s necessary when trying to engage consumers in a way that’s authentic, earns their attention, and hopefully wins their trust. 

In this month’s issue of ANA Magazine Spotlight, brought to you by our partner Rocket Fuel, we focus on one-to-one marketing, with examples from MINI USAHilton WorldwideExpediaAllstateTarget, and a number of industry experts, all discussing how brands win consumer trust through genuine experiences

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