Spotlight on Timex: ANA Mobile First, Mobile Everywhere Conference Speaker

October 21, 2014

By Shannon Scanlin, manager, committees, ANA

Wearables are one of the hottest topics around mobile today. In April 2014, International Data Corporation predicted that wearable device shipments worldwide would rise more than 488.9% between 2014 and 2018, from 19.0 million to 111.9 million. With the recent announcement of the Apple Watch and success of fitness trackers, it’s primetime for companies to start experimenting.

One such company is Timex which recently released the Ironman One GPS+. This is the only smartwatch that features standalone connectivity without a phone, intended to help athletes and adventurers be safer, smarter, and just a little bit more connected. Other than health features, the watch also has a built-in messaging app and, in case of an emergency, an SOS button.

To promote the new product, Timex is holding the Timex One Relay. This is an 800-mile, 22-day relay run with more than 100 runners. It will connect the Chicago and New York City marathons, linking each runner’s contribution to their favorite charities.

Learn more about Timex’s work from Shawn Cummings, head of innovation and market strategy, at the inaugural 2014 ANA Mobile First, Mobile Everywhere Conference. Other speakers include Walmart, Heineken, Lowe’s, Forrester, CEA, and more. Register now because space is limited! Click here for more information.

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