How Social Are You? -- New ANA Benchmark on Social Media Usage

November 3, 2014

By Bill Duggan

The new ANA white paper, “How Social Are You?” provides a benchmark on the personal social media activity of ANA members. Some highlights:

  • 36 percent of individuals are “very” (30 percent) or “extremely” (6 percent) active on social media.

For personal use:

  • 92 percent are on Facebook, averaging 385 friends; 25 percent have more than 500 friends
  • 92 percent are on LinkedIn, averaging 507 connections; 45 percent have more than 500 connections
  • 71 percent are on Twitter, averaging 232 followers
  • 55 percent are on Pinterest
  • 51 percent are on Instagram

21 percent blog personally or professionally

51 percent post news or content about their company/brand on their personal social media sites 

All members are encouraged to benchmark their personal social media against their peers. How do you stack up? If there are gaps, members are encouraged to get out of their personal comfort zones and do more.

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