The Rise of Instagram – New ANA Survey Research

November 5, 2014

By Bill Duggan

According to the new ANA report, How Social Are You?,” 51 percent of ANA members are on Instagram. Those Instagram users average 116 followers, and 50 percent post updates at least weekly. That 51 percent penetration for Instagram follows Facebook (92 percent), LinkedIn (92 percent), Twitter (71 percent), and Pinterest (55 percent).

The most important finding in this research regarding Instagram is that it is the favorite personal social media channel of millennials (meanwhile, Facebook is identified as the favorite by gen X and boomers). Seventy percent of millennial ANA members are on Instagram, versus 52 percent for gen X, and just 27 percent for boomers. Instagram is to millennials what Facebook is to gen X and boomers. Instagram is less time-intensive and relies more on visual imagery than text. 

According to the ANA research, 43 percent of brands have a social media presence on Instagram. That’s ahead of Pinterest and only behind the giants of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just last week, a MediaPost article reported that Instagram is more popular than ever among brand marketers.

Marketers – particularly gen X and boomers – are encouraged to get into the action on Instagram.

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