New Content: Intro to Neuromarketing

November 20, 2014

By Jesse Feldman, senior manager of content strategy and partnerships

Our newest Insight Brief – a white paper compilation of ANA and knowledge partner insights – provides an overview of the exciting world of neuromarketing (aka consumer neuroscience). Neuromarketing can help brands connect better with consumers at the emotional (or unconscious) level where the majority of brain processing occurs.

Brands today have the ability to marry their creative strategies with scientific optimization. Technologies and techniques like eye tracking, facial coding, and EEGs have become increasingly portable and accessible for marketers. Check out the tips for selecting the right research partner and read about how brands like Campbell’s are using neuromarketing to make print, packaging, and in-store advertising more effective by downloading the brief here:

Jesse Feldman works in the ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center (MKC), a rich suite of insights, case studies, event recaps, and research. You might notice her taking notes for the MKC at committee meetings, members-only conferences, or (virtually) webinars. She’ll be popping onto the ANA blog to regularly highlight some latest and greatest MKC content.

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