Transparency Issues Ring Out 2014 … And Ring In 2015

December 29, 2014

By Bill Duggan

Ad Age identifies media transparency as one of its “Biggest Stories of the Year” and acknowledges work from ANA, saying:

Media Transparency: As digital-media buying reached an all-time high this year, marketers pushed for more clarity around agency-compensation models, inventory pricing, ad viewability and fraud. An Association of National Advertisers survey found that nearly half of respondents were concerned about the transparency of media buys. This year, a handful of marketers also sought to exert more control over programmatic buying by bringing it in-house.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about “Five Issues Facing Madison Avenue in 2015” and one of those issues is: Programmatic buying and what it means for the agency-client relationship will come into greater focus. The article goes on to say:

Though programmatic technologies are aimed at making ad buying and selling more efficient, it’s also raising questions from clients about what they’re getting for their money when they use an agency trading desk and how their data is being used. A report earlier this year from Forrester Research and the ANA found 46% of the 125 marketers polled said they have concerns about the transparency between them and the agencies that buy online ads on their behalf. Some brands are even making moves to take their digital media buying operations in-house, highlighting potential trust issues between clients and their agencies.

I personally believe that the relationship between marketers and their media agencies is less transparent/more opaque than it’s ever been in any of our respective careers.  You can count on the issue of media transparency staying high on ANA’s priority list in 2015!

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