The World Was At CES

January 14, 2015

By Bill Duggan

One out of every four attendees at CES this year came from outside the U.S. With 170k total attendees, that’s more than 40k from abroad. The international breadth of the show was apparent to me from the time I boarded my flight, where the two gentlemen in my row were part of a contingent from Israel. I also met people from Austria, Bahrain, France, Germany, and Mexico at the show.

The presence of Chinese exhibitors was seen on the showroom floor with large booths from Chenghong, Heier, and Hisense. A CEA spokesperson called this “the rise of the Chinese brands” and said that the Chinese have notably increased their exhibit space in just the last couple of years. Further, CEA announced that CES Asia will take place in Shanghai in May.

The name of the show, but the way, isn’t simply CES but is called the International CES. The world was truly in Las Vegas at the International CES.

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