Insights from ANA’s Digital Disruption at CES

January 15, 2015

By Bill Duggan

ANA was pleased to have been invited by the Consumer Electronics Association to develop conference programming for the 2015 CES, and presented Digital Disruption. Top industry leaders shared case studies and discussed the hottest issues in digital marketing and media. Some highlights follow: 

Stevie Benjamin talked about how Twitter was at the center of a new Miller Time campaign — that’s Twitter and NOT television!

According to Michael Donnelly, digital advertising is a “forced multiplier” for MasterCard to drive business. Michael said, “Digital is a series of tactics. It’s not about having a digital strategy. Rather, it’s about having a business strategy.”

Bonin Bough of Mondelez (pictured at right) discussed the benefits of a “hacker mentality”— creating value by breaking things.

American Licorice realized that it couldn’t compete in its category with paid media. Instead, according to Michael Kelly, they played up their strengths in earned media allowing American Licorice to leverage its creativity and agility as well as the deep emotional connection consumers have with its brands.

According to James Whittaker of Microsoft, there are just too many apps. He stressed the importance of apps adding value and noted the RunPee app which tells movie goers the best times to use the bathroom during a movie, without missing important scenes.

Subway, per CMO Tony Pace (pictured at right), has been leveraging branded message integration to reach and engage consumers. Those consumers find branded content to be less intrusive than product placement.

Digital Disruption took place at C Space, located at ARIA, which was the official CES destination for creative communicators, brand professionals and digital advertisers. Kudos to CEA for organizing C Space and thanks again for the invitation! 

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