New ANA Survey Shows Importance of Native Advertising’s Legal Landscape

January 30, 2015

A new ANA survey, which was just released, provides the marketers’ perspective on the increasingly popular method of native advertising. With native advertising, advertisers position their message in the context of the user's experience. The “Advertising Is Going Native” survey of 127 client-side marketers, which took place in the 4th quarter of 2014, examined marketers’ native advertising, utilization, budgeting, interior and exterior implementation, measurement processes, and importantly the perspective on disclosure and ethics issues.

There were several key findings from the study. Budgets for native advertising are increasing – but measurement remains a challenge. Additionally, disclosure and ethics are key issues for marketers with three-fourths of respondents reporting an ethical boundary for the advertising industry when it comes to native advertising.

The legal landscape of native advertising is vitally important for all marketers to understand. Legal perspectives on commercial speech and disclosures will be explained at the ANA's Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference from March 31-April 1 in Washington D.C. Leading the conversation will be John P. Feldman, a partner at Reed Smith LLP and Laura M. Sullivan, Staff Attorney in the Division of Advertising Practices of the Federal Trade Commission. We strongly encourage you to register for the conference to learn more about this important issue along with many other pressing legal and political topics for marketers.

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