February's ANA Magazine: A Labor of Love

February 17, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

For those who don’t plan ahead, Valentine’s Day can be thick with romantic pitfalls, and the unprepared can find themselves plagued by relationship blunders and missteps. Hopefully you’ve come through the long weekend unscathed, or in a much better place than you were before. As we return to work, keep in mind the professional relationships that are so crucial to your marketing group’s success. Specifically, the relationships between your marketing team and your agency partners. While not personal in nature, these kinds of relationships need just as much nurturing, and they thrive on open communication, clear expectations, and shared long-term goals.

Read our feature story, “Finding the Perfect Match” to see how IKEA, Wells Fargo, and others build agency relationships that last.

Also in this month’s ANA Magazine:

Other stories in this issue include Tiffany & Co.’s new engagement ring campaign; the videos Nike made for FuelBand users (which you can watch right in the issue); what Starbucks’s CEO has to say about the coffeemaker’s delivery service; and more.

PLUS: Every issue includes a number of opportunities to share content online; click the Twitter birds scattered through the issue and you’ll find pre-written tweets to make sharing with your followers even easier. Just like this.

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