Why All the Hoopla on Fidelity “Native” Ad on Forbes Cover?

February 24, 2015

By Bill Duggan

If you work in the marketing/advertising industry you have surely seen some of the headlines:

What’s the big deal?

This “native ad” is a small 1½ inch by 5/8 inch black box that says, “Fidelity Voice: Revving Up Your Retirement.” Inside the magazine, there is a two page spread called, “Brand Voice By Fidelity” with the headline, “Are You On Track For The Retirement You Want?" That is the real native advertising! Plus, Fidelity has two full page ads opposite the table of contents. I think this is a smart, integrated package — kudos to Fidelity and Forbes.

It’s a new media world out there. The guidelines that applied earlier in our careers to ad placement best practices have changed. Print media has especially come under assault. Publishers – and the advertisers that rely on them – must adapt or die.

People are talking (and debating) about what Forbes and Fidelity have done. And that’s a good thing. We don’t all need to agree. Congrats to innovators like Forbes and Fidelity who are sparking a dialogue in the industry.

ANA recently published Advertising is Going Native, which features some great insights on how marketers are using native advertising.

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