Highlights from ANA Brand Masters Conference – My Favorite February Memory!

February 27, 2015

By Bill Duggan

As February mercifully draws to a close (the weather!), it allows me to reflect back on my favorite memory from the month – the ANA Brand Masters Conference in Laguna Niguel. CA!  Here are some select highlights that I took away.

  • Rob Master from Unilever: Change will never be this slow again. (And thanks to Rob for emceeing the event.)
  • Kathy O’Brien, Unilever: Put people first. Not “consumers.” Not “shoppers.” But “people.”
  • Marc Strachan, Diageo: “I want my agencies to make my palms sweat and get me nervous.”
  • Jamie Moldafsky, Wells Fargo: There will twenty-five (25) “minority-majority” cities in the U.S. by 2043. To drive a total market outcome, it’s critically important to bring insights from ethnic segments in at the beginning of the process, rather than the end.
  • Linda McGovern, USG: The power of branding is critical… even for B2B brands and companies.
  • Joanna Seddon, OgilvyRED and Maria Chacon, DuPoint: Brands that can demonstrate the financial value they create are able to elevate their seat at the table in the corporate board room. Brand value analysis can link brand and marketing to real money! 

It was a great event and I love seeing palm trees in the winter (even with a “marine layer” of fog)! 

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