Celebrating the Best

February 27, 2015

By Urey Onuoha

Ahead of last year’s Super Bowl, Duracell released an ad about the power of resilience, featuring Seattle Seahawks fullback, Derrick Coleman. Part of the “Trust Your Power” campaign, the ad was well-received and its popularity only grew as the Seahawks went on to win every game and eventually, the Super Bowl title. Last November, the ad also won big at the 2014 Multicultural Excellence Awards.

But, how was it brought to life?

In a special issue of ANA magazine, we explore the stories behind this and other innovative campaigns that received recognition in one of the ANA’s award programs. In addition to Duracell, we share a behind-the-scenes look at Honey Maid’s “This Is Wholesome,” explain why “Muttbombing” from Dallas Pets Alive! was successful, and show how C Spire nabbed the 2014 Marketing Leadership Analytics Award.

We also celebrate the ANA marketers who showed exceptional skills and talents in their respective positions. In “Top of the Class,” find out why the recipients of the 2014 Rising Marketing Stars Awards deserve this recognition.

And, see other major winners from the Multicultural Excellence Awards, the BAA’s REGGIE Awards, and the BMA’s Global B2 Awards.

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