Praise for Pringles

April 24, 2015

By Jesse Feldman, senior manager of content strategy and partnerships

The ANA’s insights section is now home to all 2015 REGGIE Award-winning case studies. The REGGIE Awards recognize the best marketing campaigns for brand-building, creativity, and results. Click here to browse case studies from categories like loyalty, experiential, sponsorship, small budget, and gamification.

Here are a few of my favorite winning campaigns:

  • IZZE created its own usage occasion and delicious-looking cocktail recipes to increase sales to millennials.
  • Pringles went beyond the typical March Madness bracket in a creative partnership with Walmart. (In full disclosure, I attended a Pringles-sponsored silent disco event last year, and they have my brand love forever.)
  • Scott Naturals’ campaign video actually made me change an environmentally unfriendly habit which I was very guilty of doing.

This was the first year that the ANA’s content creation team (including me) worked directly with the Brand Activation Association (BAA) to copywrite and post the awards. We were sworn to secrecy until the winners were announced, and I’m happy to report there were no leaks.

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