Attention Advertisers: Companies are Required to Comply with New DAA Mobile Guidance Starting September

May 7, 2015

Today, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) announced that mobile privacy enforcement, including compliance with new guidance specific to cross-app data, precise location data and personal directory data, will begin September 1, 2015. This is especially important for major advertisers who collect and use data across sites or apps for interest-based advertising.

The DAA with the support of ANA was created to implement cross-industry, independently enforced self-regulation of online interest-based advertising and data collection across digital platforms. This past February, the DAA launched two new mobile tools for consumers: AppChoices and the DAA Consumer Choice Page for Mobile Web, which mirror the programs currently available on desktop browsers that provide mechanisms for consumer choice and enhanced privacy controls.

This evolution in the DAA's choice platforms adapts consumer-friendly, independently enforceable privacy controls to the fast-growing mobile medium. DAA Consumer Choice Page for Mobile Web is an updated, mobile-optimized version of the desktop Consumer Choice Page already used by millions of consumers that allows consumers to set their own preferences for data collection and ensures that they can confidently manage how they receive interest-based ads across the internet.

ANA will continue to support the innovative developments of the DAA and the overarching goal to protect the privacy of consumers. These efforts improve the quality and trustworthiness of our self-regulatory system and extend important privacy safeguards for consumers.

Companies with questions regarding their compliance obligations and the enforcement process can contact the Council of Better Business Bureaus at or the Direct Marketing Association at, the organizations responsible for the ongoing independent oversight of the DAA Principles on browsers and now extended to the mobile space.

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