No Laughing Matter

April 10, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

Two marketers walk into a bar ...
What happens when you combine offbeat humor with a Warren Buffet–infused marketing budget or pick an A-1 frontman like J. K. Simmons? If you’re GEICO and Farmers Insurance, then big, big things.
This month’s ANA magazine talks with Ted Ward, chief marketing officer at GEICO, and Michael Linton, chief marketing officer at Farmers, about what makes humor such an effective marketing tool
Also in this issue: Yahoo provides insight into best practices for native advertising in this month’s special section; we examine why some internet-born businesses, like Bonobos and Birchbox are going from clicks to bricks; super, giant, huge, dumfounding, galactic sized numbers behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challengewhat your coworkers are really doing on those conference calls; and more. 

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