No More Excuses

May 13, 2015

By Urey Onuoha

If you had the choice between reading pages of text and watching a short video sharing the same content, which would you be more likely to choose? Chances are you’d go with the video. Video is easily one of the most engaging and compelling content channels, but B2B videos haven’t traditionally been recognized for being either of these things. That, however, is rapidly changing. In the latest issue of B2B Marketer, we explore how B2B marketers can exceed expectations with video content that reflects the brand and is engaging to consumers. In our main feature, No More Excuses, industry experts weigh in on the advantages of video marketing and share advice on the best ways to leverage the platform to achieve your goals.

Also in this issue:

  • Linda Boff, executive director of global brand marketing at GE, explains how digital helps the brand remain relevant and shares her best business practices
  • A look at the successful adoption plan for Merrill Lynch’s technology platform “Merrill Lynch One”
  • Five keys to the future of B2B marketing, how to use the long-term customer value model, and the reasons why this month’s BMA15 conference is a must-attend event.

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